Ben Franklin Biography Update

Dec. 5, 2019 |  Categories:  Self-Development  

Going through the audiobook version of Benjamin Franklin's biography titled "Benjamin Franklin: An American Life" by Walter Isaacson and it is a lovely listen. Something that stood out was a story on a young Benjamin bettering his writing. Upon being told by his father that his writing sucked, young Benjamin started reading essays from prominent authors, took notes of what he read, and then rewrote the authors arguments using his own words. This is something I will try and …

Reminder to stretch

Nov. 27, 2019 |  Categories:  Health  

I played a lot of basketball on Saturday. Unfortunately, I failed to stretch before playing and now I am compromised. Today was my running day and it was difficult to run without my abs tightening and was forced to stop. I'll do a lot of stretching tomorrow and give it another go. Running provides a feeling of accomplishment once completed. The lazy part of my brain cries for the comfort of my apartment, but I don't give it the satisfaction. Once I complete the run, a sense of accom…


Nov. 27, 2019 |  Categories:  Announcement  

After getting an ethical hacking job, I've been working hard to get up to speed. My schedule will need to be adjusted to accommodate this new change. Fortunately, I've still been able to practice guitar, meditate, learn hacking and I am on the verge of finishing up my Python for Data Science course. Once the course is done, I'll have more time to tackle video editing and Japanese.

Delays can be alright

Nov. 18, 2019 |  Categories:  Meditations  

Had a wicked delay of 9 hours at LAX. Took advantage of all this alone time to get some work done. Although it was more time than I would have liked, it ended up being a productive 9 hours. Lesson that I took away from today is to take advantage of whatever situation I find myself in.

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