Excerpt from The Richest Man in Babylon

Feb. 5, 2020 |  Categories:  Self-Development  

Reading the book "The Richest Man in Babylon" by George S. Clason and came across a section that touches on how one can increase their ability to learn. It reads as follows: “I observed that other workers did more than I and were paid more. Therefore, did I determine that I would be exceeded none. Nor did it take long for me to discover the reason for their greater success. More interest in my work, more concentration upon my task, more persistence in my effort, and, be…


Feb. 3, 2020 |  Categories:  Tech  

I've just changed all my browser search engines from Google to DuckDuckGo in an attempt to decrease the amount of information that I give Google.

Break and Put Back Together

Feb. 3, 2020 |  Categories:  Tech   Self-Development  

I broke this website over the weekend in an attempt to create a development and a production environment. It took both Saturday and Sunday to get it done. After breaking functionality on Saturday, I was able to get everything back up and running today and accomplished my goal albeit in a roundabout way. In the process I learned a ton. I can now test a few things that I want to add to this site without worry of breaking production.

Kick Ass Every Day

Jan. 28, 2020 |  Categories:  Meditations  

Wanted to share that every day is important and should not be wasted. Try your best to kick ass every day and be thankful when you can wake up to kick ass again.

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