Getting Ready to Vote | Proposition 14

Image taken by MJ @ Grand Central Station

I’ve been putting in time to research the many propositions Californians have on the ballot for the November 3rd election. Deciding how to use my vote has been a challenge—both sides of the propositions giving sound arguments. I’ve previously written about Proposition 22, App-Based Drivers as Contractors and Labor Policies Initiative (2020),” and you can find that article here


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For three days this week, I hung out in Brooklyn. Before arriving in New York, I planned on fitting in as much time with my close friends and family as I possibly could. A close friend and I planned on having dinner together and spending my last night at an “Oktober Fest” event. With my childhood best friend, we planned on lunch and shooting hoops. And with my god-sister, we planned on spending an afternoon together at my mom’s house conversing and enjoying a home-cooked Jamaican dinner. 


My main priority for my trip was to spend time with m…

IoT Security

Union Station aka my second home. Taken by MJ

OWASP has a list of the top 10 most commonly found vulnerabilities—the “OWASP Top Ten.” The OWASP site describes this list as representing “a broad consensus about the most critical security risks to web applications.” Number one on the list is Injection, the vulnerability hackers love to exploit. There’s something real cool about pulling off an injection attack. Compromising a database, getting the browser to run commands on your behalf, or gaining god-level privileges on a server. But you know what’s cooler? Getting that god-level access with a lot less work. Let me introduce number six on the top ten list—security misconfiguration. 

Independent Contractor - California Proposition 22

Image taken by MJ at a Top Golf in Tempe, Arizona. My first time going to one.

I had a nice chat with an Uber driver this week on my way to the airport. What started off as a conversation about the crumbling infrastructure that we were seeing along the I-110 turned into one about the November election. We both wondered how California, which according to Business Insider

Getting Ready to Vote - Senate Bill 10 | Proposition 25

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The nonprofit organization Population Reference Bureau (PRB) has a storied history of collecting and supplying statistics for research and/or academic purposes. Check out its site and its1 2 3 Next Last