2020 - Working Together

Image taken by @kihomizuno at Noah Purifoy Desert Art Museum

Safe to say this year hasn’t been the best for a lot of people. 


I’ve seen family members die from COVID while other loved ones have denied the seriousness of the virus. Fires burning up and down the west coast has taken the air from its cleanest at the height of social distancing to terrifying Air Quality Index (AQI) graphics.


Know Your Enemy

Image taken by @kihomizuno from the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner train

Today I will run through installing VirtualBox, the Kali distribution of Linux, and Metasploitable, the intentionally vulnerable virtual machine (VM) that you will use to learn more about hacking. 


Why Learn About Hacking


Check out the “

Breaking Through Barriers

Image taken by MJ on a hot September day in Pasadena

Recently, I’ve been helping my wife Kiho get better at basketball. After playing in junior high, she continues to enjoy the sport. On a recent trip to Japan, we decided to shoot around in Yoyogi Park. By day's end, Kiho walked away vowing to get better at basketball. 


Her coach in junior high school taught her to shoot with two hands, an issue she identified at Yoyogi Park. Kiho wanted to turn her shot into one that is more consistent and asked me to teach her.

Personal Legend - Kobe Bryant

Image taken by MJ close to Staples Center in DTLA

Read the Allen Iverson letter to Kobe titled “Dear Kobe” today. A theme that comes up a lot in the open letter is Kobe’s work ethic. To reach his highest potential, Kobe had to live differently from his peers. We saw that Kobe’s drive to be better, made others around him better. Whether it was current players like Lebron James seeing how much work Kobe did and wanting to emulate that ethic, or a kid like me seeing someone give something they love their absolute all. I’m currently reading “The Alchemist,” a book that postulates that we all have a “Personal Legend,” something we’ve always wanted to accomplish. Before reading, I was skeptical the book was one that espoused richness and greatness for all if they think positively. I couldn’t be more wrong. While teaching its readers le…

Homelessness In America

Image taken by @kihomizuno from Top of The Rock in NYC

Over 10 years ago, my cousin left home, never to return. After she left we stayed in contact for a few years. For a stretch of time, she had a cell phone and I was able to return her calls, but they usually came from various phone numbers. When I began working in Japan, I had no way of receiving her calls and I lost contact with her. Two years after the last time I spoke with my cousin I found myself in Greenwich Village, NYC waiting to have lunch with one of my best friends at one of my favorite restaurants, Negril. While sitting in Washington Square Park and reading a book, I notice someone walking by that looks like my cousin. But it couldn’t be her, could it? Last time we spoke she was working on a farm in Oregon. But of course, it’s her—I could tell by her walk. I pack up my be…

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