Upward View

For a good portion of my adolescence, I was very combative. In junior high school I was always getting into fights, so much so that my father had enough and sent me to live in Jamaica for a year. In Jamaica I saw how difficult life was for my mom and vowed to not fight again—wanting to help her live a better life, I didn’t believe fighting all the time would help in that goal. As I’m writing this article, I can’t recall getting into any fights since I returned from Jamaica at age fourteen—I’ll be thirty-five in a little over a month. 


I don’t claim to be a saint. While I haven’t physically gotten into fights, I have gotten into many verbal altercations. Surprisingly, none of them have led to any physical violence. But the v…

Getting Ready to Vote | Proposition 14

I’ve been putting in the time to research the many propositions Californians have on the ballot for the November 3rd election. Deciding how to use my vote has been a challenge—both sides of the propositions giving sound arguments. I’ve previously written about Proposition 22, “App-Based Drivers as Contractors and Labor Policies Initiative (2020),” and you can find that article here. In that article, I wrote that democracy isn’t easy. It hasn’t gotten easier when coming up with a decision on Proposition 14, which “authorizes bonds continuing stem cell research.” Check out the California General Election Official Voter Information Guide, where I was able to see both sides of the argument for and against Prop. 14.  



For three days this week, I hung out in Brooklyn. Before arriving in New York, I planned on fitting in as much time with my close friends and family as I possibly could. A close friend and I planned on having dinner together and spending my last night at an “Oktober Fest” event. With my childhood best friend, we planned on lunch and shooting hoops. And with my god-sister, we planned on spending an afternoon together at my mom’s house conversing and enjoying a home-cooked Jamaican dinner. 


My main priority for my trip was to spend time with my three-year-old niece and seven-year-old nephew. They haven't had many opportunities to go outside and play because of the pandemic and my goal was to change that--at least for the few days I had. 


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