Independent Contractor - California Proposition 22

Image taken by MJ at a Top Golf in Tempe, Arizona. My first time going to one.

I had a nice chat with an Uber driver this week on my way to the airport. What started off as a conversation about the crumbling infrastructure that we were seeing along the I-110 turned into one about the November election. We both wondered how California, which according to Business Insider

Getting Ready to Vote - Senate Bill 10 | Proposition 25

Image taken by MJ

The nonprofit organization Population Reference Bureau (PRB) has a storied history of collecting and supplying statistics for research and/or academic purposes. Check out its site and its

2020 - Working Together

Image taken by @kihomizuno at Noah Purifoy Desert Art Museum

Safe to say this year hasn’t been the best for a lot of people. 


I’ve seen family members die from COVID while other loved ones have denied the seriousness of the virus. Fires burning up and down the west coast has taken the air from its cleanest at the height of social distancing to terrifying Air Quality Index (AQI) graphics.


Know Your Enemy

Image taken by @kihomizuno from the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner train

Today I will run through installing VirtualBox, the Kali distribution of Linux, and Metasploitable, the intentionally vulnerable virtual machine (VM) that you will use to learn more about hacking. 


Why Learn About Hacking


Check out the “

Breaking Through Barriers

Image taken by MJ on a hot September day in Pasadena

Recently, I’ve been helping my wife Kiho get better at basketball. After playing in junior high, she continues to enjoy the sport. On a recent trip to Japan, we decided to shoot around in Yoyogi Park. By day's end, Kiho walked away vowing to get better at basketball. 


Her coach in junior high school taught her to shoot with two hands, an issue she identified at Yoyogi Park. Kiho wanted to turn her shot into one that is more consistent and asked me to teach her.

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