2020 - Working Together

Safe to say this year hasn’t been the best for a lot of people. 


I’ve seen family members die from COVID while other loved ones have denied the seriousness of the virus. Fires burning up and down the west coast has taken the air from its cleanest at the height of social distancing to terrifying Air Quality Index (AQI) graphics.



Close to half of the country will be outraged come the November elections, and every day we become a more divided America. 


This week my brother-in-law and I were reflecting on our summers and the year so far. During the lengthy heatwave that California faced during the tail-end of the summer, he and his family endured a day-long power outage. With sweltering heat and long lines at the gas s…

Know Your Enemy

Today I will run through installing VirtualBox, the Kali distribution of Linux, and Metasploitable, the intentionally vulnerable virtual machine (VM) that you will use to learn more about hacking. 


Why Learn About Hacking


Check out the “The Cyberwire Daily” (apple podcast | Spotify) podcast and you’ll hear weekly news of cyber security threats. Listen to The Cyberwire Daily enough and it’ll have you believing that you’re always under attack. That statement is not too far from the truth. Whether through your job or a personal account, the chances are high that you’ve already been a victim of hacking or you’ll be targeted in the future. 


In the famous Sun Tzu book, “The Art of War,” the au…

Breaking Through Barriers

Recently, I’ve been helping my wife Kiho get better at basketball. After playing in junior high, she continues to enjoy the sport. On a recent trip to Japan, we decided to shoot around in Yoyogi Park. By day's end, Kiho walked away vowing to get better at basketball. 


Her coach in junior high school taught her to shoot with two hands, an issue she identified at Yoyogi Park. Kiho wanted to turn her shot into one that is more consistent and asked me to teach her.  



There are several factors that make good shooting: elbow in, fingers spread, follow-through, and using the non-shooting hand as a guide. That can be a lot for anyone to take in, so I took it one step at a time. Once she was comfortable with her follow-through, w…

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