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I celebrated my wedding anniversary yesterday. My wife sent me a nice collage of our adventures this year and I immediately shared it on Instagram. Many of my friends reached out and gave their well wishes and congratulations. Instagram isn't something I use frequently. Most of my social media comes from Reddit, particularly the Manchester United sub-Reddit "reddevils." There was a time where a good chunk of my day was spent on social media. Be it on Instagram or the cousin whose life it sought to destroy, Snapchat. Now I go weeks without using those services. Today, I caught myself picking up my phone every few minutes and going straight to Instagram. It scared the mess out of me. Why was I doing this? Throwing my phone on the couch, the decision was made not to open that app for the rest of the day. The 24 hour period of me posting something and constantly checking the app opened my eyes to how addictive these services can be. And they are intentionally made to have that effect on its user base. Connecting us to each other is great; My concern is for anyone that experiences a mindless, almost automatic process of going straight to instagram and not really doing much of anything. My friend Jed gave me some solid advice several months back. He suggested that instead of opening up Instagram, I open up my book reader app and read a few pages. His words helped me greatly. What would you like to do or learn but feel that you don't have the time? If possible, when reaching for instagram, maybe see if you can advance with that dream. Learn a language, pick up that instrument, read that book, write that poetry. You might find you have more time in the day than you thought.

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