We Need Some More Parks

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Kiho and I have lived in Pasadena for the past year. One of the best parts of the city are its parks. 

We've been spending a lot of time at our neighborhood park as a way to get out of the house and feel some grass under our toes and still able to maintain social distancing. Reading, taking a nap, kicking the soccer ball around, writing--just some of the things I do there. 

Now that we're looking for a new apartment we'd like our new place to be close to a park. But while looking for a new spot, we've realized that there aren't many parks in L.A. I looked on laparks.org's park finder, and in South L.A. parks with grass and enough space to keep socially distanced are hard to come by.

I've not seen the lack of parks mentioned as an effect of the pandemic. It's quite possible I'm off here and parks are plentiful, but I'm not seeing it. Children in our communities should have the ability to run around and enjoy themselves--especially in this socially-distanced world. 

I was reminded of the Revisionist History episode that spoke on the amounts of golf courses in L.A. relative to the amount of public parks. Check it out:



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