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My wife bought me a journal yesterday and the first thing I wrote was my gratitude towards her. I haven't journaled in a while--close to two months if my calculations are correct, and her generosity reminded me of its importance. After my last journal finished, I told myself that I would buy a new iPad and use that as my journal. Those things look sweet! 

For some reason, the desire for an iPad became my excuse for not journaling--leading me to two months without doing what has become one of the most constructive parts of my life. Writing down my day gives me the ability to see what went well, what I can do to be a better version of myself, and to remember the things for which I am grateful. 

Although I plan on moving to an iPad, I can't let my lack of one stop me from being constructive. I've noticed that it's easy for my brain is to grab hold of excuses--the iPad being just one of many.

Another excuse that I tell myself, and one that I've learned from journaling, is my lack of discipline when planning out my day. When I write out a list of things I want accomplished for the day, at the end of it I feel as if I made tremendous progress. As if I was in control, opposed to the day having its way with me. After a few days of being consistent, my brain tells me I no longer need to write down my tasks--"it's not necessary. You can do it on your own." At the end of the day I feel less productive but continue to do the same thing the next day. 

This seems to be my lizard brain at work. Instead of criticizing the primitive part of my being, I will make a more consistence effort to better understand that part of my mind. I believe I can do that through journaling. Dare I say it's the foundation from which I can generate forward progress. 

Thans for reading! 

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