Lessons Learned

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I like having this blog as a way of sharing the things I'm learning and my current views. It's entirely possible that I'll look back at some of my writing in shock. I've been writing for a year and have already felt that way. 

This happens because I'm not married to any of my beliefs. If someone presents a better way of thinking than what I'm presently doing, I don't mind questioning the way I think and operate. In the first two chapters of Eckhart Tolle's book "A New Earth," the author calls out the ego as a reason why so many people are unwilling to change their views. 

"A New Earth" is the book that I'm reading this month. It's a decently sized book so I can't slack when it comes to reading or I'll end up rushing to finish during the final week of the month. So far the book has been an easy read--it makes me want to keep reading even when my eyes are heavy. 

Check out that book and check out my most recent article about a similar topic. Thanks for giving both a try!

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