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There's a fine line between being productive and doing too much. It feel as if I am tippy-toeing that line and on occasion crossing over into the realm of doing too much. As a recap I am working on a few things right now: 1. Getting better at hacking | Getting the Certified Ethical Hacker certification 2. Learning the guitar 3. Better at communication (Speaking, Writing, and Videography) For the videography work, it's been a great time and I'm already learning a lot with my limited resources. The only downside is the time it takes to shoot and edit. Yesterday I went to City Hall in Downtown Los Angeles to film. I don't have a car so I took the train, which in of itself I don't mind, but the nearly 4 hours it took to go there and back took away from the other things I wanted to do (studying and practicing the guitar). Which leads me to my question to myself. How do you better prioritize while staying true to my goals? I will need to find out if I am to be productive in this new life long pursuit.

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