IoT Device Types

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Did some studying last night where I learned the different communication methods of IoT (Information of Things) devices. 1) Device to Device - These are two or more devices that directly communicate with each other and send small amounts of information between each other. Think of door locks, light bulbs and thermostats. 2) Device to Cloud - Think of devices that connect to the cloud so that you can access it. Home Cameras are one, and tracker tags are another that come to mind. 3) Device Gateway - As the name suggests the gateway is some sort of intermediary between an IoT device and the cloud service. If you've ever used Nike+, which I can't recommend enough, and connect your smart watch to the app on your phone, the phone in this scenario is the gateway. Your phone sends your health information up to Nike. 4) Backend Data Sharing - Using the same health tracker example I just used--if you have multiple trackers for your health, this type of model is where data from several devices are aggregated and sent to a provider that forms "the big picture." I've never used a service like this through fear of one company having too much information about me, but I'm not surprised this is a thing.

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