Current Motivation - 5 P's

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I made the purchase for my certification exam out of my own pocket. It was a good chunk of change. And while I am nervous about the money going to waste, I have a lot of say in the outcome. If you haven't listened to Kendrick Lamar's "Section 80" album, please give it a listen. There's a song in there titled "Poe Man's Dreams" that I have been playing in my head. It is giving me the motivation and drive I need. In it the artist GLC says: We out here rotating under the five P's Proper preparation prevents poor performance ... You gotta get up off your ass and get it, man That's the only way your pockets gonna expand I tell you everyday, you know what I'm talking 'bout? Apply yourself to supply your wealth Only limitations you'll ever have are those that you place upon yo'self

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