by MJ

Better Than No Time

My wife says I schedule everything and she's right. My days are much more productive when I can plot the course of my day. 

Now that I have a little one who has no care for a schedule I've been a lot less productive. 

It wasn't until yesterday while browsing Reddit for Football/Soccer transfer news that I saw a post that reminded me of something I learned last year--The 2-minute Rule.

I've never read the James Clear's "Atomic Habits" but I've watched enough productivity videos to know about the 2-minute rule--a no fuss way to develop habits. In my case I think it'll be helpful for me to sneak away 2 minutes to practice my guitar or even to write a blog post like this. 

Sometimes I find myself in my head saying that I don't have the hour needed to fully practice the guitar. But in a situation where I have a newborn, I don't want to cast away all my progress, so I put in the work when I can. Even if that means playing a song for 2 minutes... Or writing a quick blog post.