by MJ

Mindful Bed Time

My daughter can feel when I'm not being mindful--as if she can feel my energy. 

It feels strange to write about someone feeling another's energy but I have a pretty good sample size. Every time I put my daughter to bed I have the hardest time when I'm not being present. 

Laying in bed with my little one--her hand in my palm--I started planning my next day. At that moment my daughter's body shook and she started to get fussy. Once I came back to the present she calmed down. I remained in the present until she fell asleep. 

There have been a few bed times where similar has happened.

The logically side of my brain tells me these bed-time meditation sessions have less to do with energy and more to do with my daughter feeling my jagged and unconscious breathing. 

Whatever it is, I'm using this time with my daughter as practice to remain mindful.