by MJ

Systems and Tao



If you haven’t used the Libby app for digital books and audio books, I recommend giving it a try. I’m 2/3 of my way through Michael Gerber’s “The E Myth Revisited”--a book for helping small business entrepreneurs avoid the pitfalls that have caught many. 


While reading I find myself comparing the lessons in “The E Myth Revisited” with John Heider’s “The Tao of Leadership” and the principles learned from it. 


According to Gerber, a successful business uses systems--well documented modes of operations--to function in a way that leads to growth. 


In Heider’s book the principles of Tao tell me to go with the natural order--the leader should not insert their ego into the work of those they lead. The leader is there to provide a gentle support. 


I wrote a bit about this and wanted to share, but it’s not yet properly thought out. I do think both books are very related--the system’s needed to run a successful business require leadership that allow those they lead the freedom to figure out where the system can improve--the leader adding their ego hinders that. 


Some help would be great in talking through this book. If you’re interested check it out for free on Libby. All you need is a library card.